The Demon Hunter was a global phenomenon that was now taken for granted. But even without the publication of the 23rd and final manga volume, the work continues its exponential growth in sales. The latest milestone in particular puts the franchise in tenth place among the best-selling manga in the world.

The final 9 chapters, which will be contained in Volume 23, will definitely close a title that revolutionized the Japanese publishing market and tirelessly climbs above the most impressive rankings in the industry. Currently, indeed, indeed Demon Slayer has 120 million copies in circulation, the same as bleaching compared to 74 volumes. Koyoharu Gotougetherefore managed to achieve the same numbers as Tite Kubo with over 50 less differential volume and the margin is expected to increase on December 4th when the manga's final volume finally debuts.

Demon Slayer had already surpassed Bleach on the occasion of the 17th Tankobon release, when the franchise with the same feat exceeded sales of Kubo Sensei's Shinigami epic by 2 million. In fact, both series are currently competing for tenth place among the best-selling manga in the world. Challenge that will end soon, however, as the opponents will be beaten with the debut of the new volume Slam dunk and consequently, Oishinbo.

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