In this year's ninth edition of the magazine Monthly comic @Bunch from the publisher Shinchosha The last chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by Yuu Toyota, Dad after Oyaji no Uchi Gohan, last July 21st.

Toyota began publishing the manga in Shinchosha Publishing's Monthly Comic @Bunch magazine in April 2014. The publisher published the twelfth volume on March 9 and will publish the thirteenth and last on October 9.

Synopsis from Papa to Oyaji no Uchi Gohan

The story revolves around the Sengoku chiropractor, whom his ex-girlfriend entrusted to him for a while. Sengoku asks his friend Harumi, a manga editor who is also a single father, for help. The story follows their daily struggles while living with their children.

Source: ANN

© 豊 田 悠 (著) / SHINCHOSHA 新潮社


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