Recently the manga by Boruto It was the scene of some difficult fighting between Team 7 and the Otsutsuki clan. However, the danger does not seem to be over yet and the protagonists are preparing for new missions.

After the fight against Jigen, the Ninja of the Leaf Village had to fight Momoshiki Otsutsuki awakened in the body of Boruto. After exhausting his chakra, the boy became the perfect container for the alien who, through his control, injured Sasuke's eye and prevented him from using the rinnegan.

It was Kawaki resolve the dire situation by forcing the enemy to absorb his chakra, thus preventing him from continuing to use the son of the Hokage as a vessel. However, the incident seems to have particularly shaped the former member of Kara, who is now being decided completely eliminate the energy called karma that the enemy has taken advantage of it to take possession of the protagonist.

Unfortunately, a new antagonist has been revealed on the pages of Boruto that could make it even harder for the young man to achieve his goal. His name is code and he is also a member of the Kara organization, which appears to have inherited the will of the previous leader.

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For those interested, here is a list of Boruto's seven Hokages, ranked from strongest to weakest.

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