Parallel to the Weekly Shonen Jump, the digital magazine Shonen Jump+ has also been producing small pearls for years. The best known is undoubtedly Spy x familywhich has recently become an anime thanks to the combined efforts of CloverWorks and WIT Studio, who have created a highly entertaining product throughout all 24 episodes.

As the title of the manga suggests, Spy x Family focuses on a family that combines the daily life with the work of a spy under very special conditions. Anya is one of the main characters in Spy x Family manga, and plays the role of the daughter in this very special family. Anya is a six-year-old girl who lives in an orphanage. She is a lively and intelligent child, also thanks to her special mental powers, but suffers from loneliness and the lack of a family. Everything changes when she is adopted by a secret agent named Twilight, who takes her into his life as a spy.

Anya's personality is very sweet and loving but she also has an extremely cunning and curious side, she is also passionate about spies and because of this she dreams of following her adoptive father in various dangerous missions, sometimes successful. However, Wolf Girl is not of the same idea: the cosplayer went for it Make Anya an adult in this cosplay, but without making her a normal girl, but a spy like Twilight. As you immediately notice, this black-clad Anya has weapons in her hands, the same spikes as Yor's adoptive mother, and an extremely similar outfit. So it's a Adult Assassin Anya Cosplaywould you be happy with these wipes at the end of Spy x Family?

And speaking of assassins, don't miss Yor's cosplay ready to strike in the dark.

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