L 'Pokémon Anime It's been going on for several years, though there have been various character changes as well as some style changes over the different seasons. There are firm choices, however: Ash will always be 10 years old, he will always be in the company of Pikachu, and there will be some returning individuals. The policewoman Jenny is one of them.

Appeared since the first Pokémon episodes in the 90s. The cop Jenny was a recurring character as well as sister Joy. In reality it is not always the same character, but a group of people, numerous identical twins, who live in practically every part of the country. The uniform they wear is almost always the same: blue and light blue jacket, blue skirt just above their knees, and a hat of the same color over their green hair. There are also white gloves, high-heeled shoes and a handbag.

This figure was taken by Carmenpilar, of whom we can see photos of it Jenny the Policewoman Cosplay from Pokémon Below. The girl faithfully reproduced the character of the anime and didn't even miss a Growlithe plush as a companion. Other characters like Misty and Brook, incapacitated by the Pokémon anime, rarely appear.

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