ONE PIECE Girls are always beautiful, regardless of whether they are main characters like Nami and Nico Robin or women who appear every now and then, like Bibi. This has spawned a pretty large fandom for any female character, and therefore Almost all of them received a ONE PIECE themed cosplay from different cosplayers.

In the past few months we've seen a cosplay dedicated to Yamato, the new character from ONE PIECE This seems to have very important implications for the manga's plot, as well as other characters that appeared in a single saga or a little more, as in the case of Rebecca's triple cosplay.

With today's cosplay, however, we will take back a girl who was initially an important antagonist for the Mugiwara because of her powers, but then returned almost as an ally or at least not an enemy during the short period. It's about Perona, a pirate who was part of the Gecko Moria group and with whom she is still connected.

The Perona's cosplay was done by Aurum Heart Who took the Perona with two photos uploaded on Instagram, which we met at Thriller Bark. Light pink hair and two side braids, the usual presumptuous look and red dresses full of bows and flowers. The build is pretty compelling, let us know what you think in the comments.

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