Naruto: Hinata showcases ability and physique in Toullaghoul’s cosplay

Of the ninja of the leaf presented in Naruto, the most prominent ones are naturally the young genins who then composed the backbone of the village army. Besides team 7, in Naruto we also met other teams such as the one led by Asuma Sarutobi and that of Yuhi Kurenai. In the latter there is Hinata Hyuga.

There Naruto's future wife she has always been very shy and has repeatedly tried to get involved for the boy she is in love with. From the timeskip that launched the anime series Naruto: Shippuden, the girl matured further and obviously became more beautiful. In fact, we saw her with long hair and a new white and lilac uniform, while her Byakugan always stands out.

The cosplayer Toullaghoul has decided to replicate this version of Hinata with a cosplay which you can see in the photos below. In the first image, the girl has decided to present a simple Hinata Hyuga with her dress and one of the classic poses where she joins the index fingers when she is embarrassed. In the others, however, she undresses and wears only a mesh shirt reminiscent of that ninja, while using seals to prepare some ninja techniques.

The world of Naruto continues to be talked about even years after the conclusion of the main manga, thanks also to merchandising such as this Hashirama Senju statuette. In addition, the work was the focus of a photo of John Boyega supporting the Black Lives Matter.

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