Naruto It is a manga that took a really long time, 72 volumes in 14 years. Not many cartoonists who manage to reach such a large number of chapters produced and, above all, step into history as Masashi Kishimoto.

The story of Naruto has inevitably shaped many fans: we've seen him become a ninja, face dangerous trials, and struggle to unite with his best friend in an epic story that took several years. When you think back to the beginning of the adventure of the blonde ninja, you feel a little nostalgia.

THE Team guys 7 They did not get along immediately and it took some time for a certain alchemy between the Genins and their master Kakashi Hatake to take over. The group photo taken says a lot: Naruto and Sasuke look at each other wrong, Sakura smiles in the middle, while Kakashi tries to reconcile the two by forcing them to stay close.

This photo inspired a Group cosplay what you can see in the photo below. Despite some variations in the pose, this group of Japanese fans managed to create the same atmosphere as in this scene. Naruto's journey was long, but it was finally realized.

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