The inexpensive cosplay genius aka Lonelyman is back to explore the heroic universe of My hero academia. The protagonist of his latest hilarious rendition is Minoru Mineta, a young UA High School student.

Among all the emerging Class 1-A heroes of the work created by Kohei Horikoshi, Mineta is the one that divides the community of fans the most. The small and perverted studentIn fact, it doesn't seem to please any My Hero Academia fan. Although he has improved a lot since the series began, Minoru is viewed more as the derision of the franchise. And the motivation that drives him to want to be a professional hero certainly doesn't help. However, this hilarious cosplay is sure to make you change your mind.

Lonelyman, who you can find on Instagram on the @lowcostcosplayth profile, played the character with his feet. literally. By coloring the foot purple, wrapping a yellow bandage around it and drawing the details of the face, the cosplay genius gave birth a perfect interpretation. While we wait to see the grade 1-A students again in the fifth animated season that will arrive in March, we can enjoy this cheap and fun job. Previously, Lonelyman had also paid homage to Momo Yaoyorozu. Here is the hilarious low cost cosplay of the heroine from My Hero Academia.

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