in the fifth season of My Hero Academia all the Yuei students are back in action. The focus of the challenges of the last episodes is not only the 1-A class, but also the 1-B, in which the two give everything with a winter test. The joint training of the Yuei ended with the highlighting of all students of the high school.

Those left out of this final narrative sheet are obviously the students of the other schools. It's been a while since the anime hasn't seen those kids who made things complicated for the aspiring heroes of Yuei High. However, there are some of these characters out My hero academy who manage to show themselves to the public in other ways, and cosplay is certainly one of the most popular methods.

Cosplayer Luxlo decided to post some photos on Instagram in the last few days showing off her Camie Utsushimi Cosplay. The girl from Shiketsu high school was the focus of various events and was one of the few who also appeared outside the narrative sheet of the provisional driver's license test. She is also one of the female characters in My Hero Academia who get the most cosplay.

Below are the Camie Utsushimi's photo, where she wears her usual tight uniform and school cap, what do you think of this cosplay?

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