The world of cosplay is increasingly in turmoil. Nowadays, all kinds of cosplayers have been born in all parts of the world, devoted to manga and anime as well as characters from TV series and films. The phenomenon knows no bounds and professionals were born all over the world. One of Universes that draw so many cosplays are My Hero Academia.

We are waiting to see Bakugo in action along with all the other students in My Hero Academia 5, and we can see these characters in real life thanks to the knowledge of the many fans from the anime. There are those who keep the gender of the character and those who choose to reverse it, as is done with a gendered Deku. And what if you try to change the way?

That was the idea behind that make a feline eraser head. In the photo below, shared by the Cat_Cosplay account on Instagram, there is a black cat who has decided to make her own Cosplay from Professor Aizawa, one of the most popular characters from My Hero Academia. With a black jumpsuit, yellow glasses and the famous gray and elastic bandage that was fought with, the result is very beautiful and appreciated on the net.

His watchful eye will surely see you in the streets of the cities of My Hero Academia.

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