Hajime Isayama added so many characters The attack of the giants. Many of them died, but some stayed alive, and among them is one of the public's favorite characters. Captain Levi Ackerman is the strongest warrior known to man and a member of the mysterious Ackerman clan, endowed with extraordinary strength.

With the right arm of Erwin Smith and first of Hange Zoe, Levi made his weight felt several times in the course of the series and has become the ultimate killer. Even in the final narrative arc of The Giants' Attack, the character has his weight, but has sustained some pretty serious injuries as well. Many wonder if Levi Ackerman will survive this final stage, but in the meantime we can see him in one Spoiler cosplay of the Chinese fan Migo Mii.

Migo Mii picks up one of his latest versions in which he is blindfolded and without a couple of fingers due to the explosion of the thunder lance caused by Zeke Jaeger, and gives fans of The Attack of the Giants a Levi Ackerman cosplay wounded but still ready to fight. As he revealed, two fingers reach him and they advance to use the blade and kill his target.

Almost 50,000 likes from this practically perfect cosplay. Did you know how old Levi Ackerman is?

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