It's very easy to de-recognize the protagonists - or characters in general Jojo's bizarre adventure. The anime was resumed after years of hiatus by David Production, who gave the product a strong impact, making it one of the most talked about in recent years, as well as ubiquitous in the meme sector.

The production has been long and has been realized in recent months with the broadcast of Le Bizzarre Avventure di Jojo: Stone Ocean, sixth part, in which the first female protagonist debuted. Picking up the trend of the Kujo family, This time it was Jolyne's turnDaughter of the former protagonist and supporting actor Jotaro, in a completely new American setting for the series.

Jolyne Kujo is a young girl, but still with an iron will, but mostly involved in events bigger than her. Jojo's finale: Stone Ocean ends his career in this fantastic and bizarre world, but obviously not in the real one, where it continues to be proposed in various ways. There is this one, for example Jolyne Kujo cosplay direct from Stone Ocean in style, manufactured by Axeloccult. The two-tone yellow-green wig, the very special make-up and the many distinctive facial features of Hirohiko Araki's character trait accentuated by David Production, accompanied by the blue jumpsuit with the pink and green butterfly prominently displayed on a full chest make her a perfect one Jolyne.

Now it remains to be seen if the studio will return to produce Steel Ball Run, the seventh installment of Jojo, and how much cosplay will be done on the subject.

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