In the expanse of the Akira Toriyama franchise, there's not just room for fights and rivalries, but also for love and sweet gestures. This wonderful cosplay just captures one of the cutest moments of the world Dragon Ball Super.

The work of Toyotaro and Toriyama made it possible for fans to experience that Bulma's second pregnancyand even staged some pretty funny moments with Goku and Papa Vegeta. Bulma is expecting her second child Bra and is the protagonist of this great cosplay by Instagram artist @leiracosplays.

The cosplayer takes advantage of her pregnancy and embodies some of the female protagonists who experienced this joy. With her round baby bump, dyed blue hair, pink robe and a dazzling smile, her interpretation of the motherhood of the Saiyan prince's wife is unparalleled and with a single pressure that she expresses an immense sweetness.

What do you think of this brilliant idea? What a different cosplay of female protagonists pregnant would you like to see As always, let us know yours with a comment in the box below. In the meantime, the Dragon Ball official website has been updated. Will there be any news for the anime and the franchise anytime soon? Speaking of Bulma, let's find out about Future Trunks' past in Dragon Ball Super.

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