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Cosplay of Blade of Demon: Destruction

"Blade of Demon" is a story in which a boy whose family was killed by a demon, Achijiro Xiamen, joins the demon-hunting oni squad and goes into battle with his friends. Not only Charcoal Jiro who fights to protect his younger sister, Soko, who has been made a demon, but also the high level warriors of the Oni-Squad (pillars) and their friends, even the demons that appear there is a very attractive drama.

If the latest volume is released, it will almost monopolize the top 10 bookstore sales along with those already published. Of course, many cosplayers were disguised as characters from this anime in cosplay events that recreate the play with great success. Let me introduce you to the best cosplayers of Kimetsu No Yaiba.

KITARO @ kitaro_cos Megumi Nezu

KITARO @ kitaro_cos Megumi Nezu

Chachanmaru-san @ cyama28 Sumikaro Kamado / Photo: Akira Nogi

Ichisan @ ichi_7cos Nezuko Nezu / Photo: Akira Nogi

KAPI-san @ KAPI_827MP

贝儿 ι…± Miki-san @Beru_C_Miki Shinobu Butterfly / Photo: Cold

Annya Tofu @p_cos4 Kurihana Raku Kana ヲ / Photo: Cold

Hinata Mogami @mogamin_cos Makomo / Photo: Akira Nogi

Bee Summer Ren @cos_hachiren3 Rabbit / Photo by Akira Nogi

Photography: Quiet (Twitter: @nigellizhe), Akira Nogi (@Osefly)

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