Are reached the climax of the second season of Demon Slayer 2. The story arc of the red light district has already begun the great battle that will occupy the protagonists and antagonists for the next two months. While Uzui Tengen is busy saving his wives, another fight has brought two women to the fore.

Demon Slayer 2x13 focused heavily on confronting Daki, with the Crescent Demon highlighting his skills and cornering Tanjiro. However, Nezuko intervened in the finale as well, unleashing an unprecedented transformation that made it far wilder and more powerful. Both now shine in the cosplay of the Japanese Ponchan.

On Twitter, Ponchan uploaded two photos to his account, anticipating the broadcast of the thirteenth episode of Demon Slayer in a few days and one Cosplay of Daki and Nezuko in their latest versions. Nezuko is the protagonist of the first photo, with the cosplayer who decided to imitate the pose seen in one of the covers of the manga, where the girl has already transformed with the strange tattoos and the horn on her forehead , with an adult aspect. Daki, seen in the second photo, can be seen well with white hair and the rest of the outfit we have now met in the anime.

The two lead to an intense confrontation, This demon slayer-themed cosplay is sure to get the show a lot of attention.

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