Certainly The virtues of the Chainsaw Man are many, such as B. Proposing very sui generis characters. The protagonist Denji is already very different from the canon protagonist of a shonen, due to his state of extreme poverty and desire to lead a normal life. The other characters are of course no different.

Power is one of the most interesting characters in Chainsaw Man. She appears as a red-haired young woman with an outgoing and outrageous character, but she is not human but has a condition that makes her unique compared to the other protagonists of the series. Power is indeed the blood devil that she possessed a corpse that became a Majin and her ability allows her to manipulate the blood in her body to create weapons of various types, such as her iconic scythe, which she uses in her first appearances .

Despite his demonic nature, he forms an alliance with Denji and becomes his friend, with a very complex relationship that becomes very deep due to some events that shake both characters. Power is therefore a complex and contradictory character that embodies many of Chainsaw Man's fundamental themes.

In this way, Power managed to captivate some viewers of the series and thus stimulate the creation of cosplays dedicated to her. Japanese cosplayer Yua wanted to pay homage to her by offering this to her audience Cosplay of Power perfect with the red scythe and identical to that drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto for one of the covers of his manga. Were you impressed with the fidelity of this recording available below?

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