The legend of attack on Titan it's not over on the television front. Studio MAPPA has caught the community off guard and announced a Part 3 for the final season, a final installment of episodes that will end the exploits of Eren, Armin and Mikasa once and for all.

According to the current narrative pace, part 3 of Attack on Titan should also count fewer than 10 episodes, even if we will only find out the exact number of episodes with the first rumors, which are expected in the next few weeks. In any case, the community continues to support the franchise to the best of its ability, particularly through ingenious manifestations of creativity, the last of which is over miruqi.

The talented cosplayer, who has 171,000 followers on Instagram alone, took the opportunity to recently propose an extraordinary interpretation of one of the opera's most famous flights. Historia Reiss, current Queen of the Walls. His work, which you can properly admire at the bottom of the news, has been well-received by the community thanks to the extreme fidelity to the original character, complete with attention to royal attire.

And you instead, what do you think? Historia cosplay, you like it? As usual, let us know with a comment below, but not before you've watched our in-depth special on Studio MAPPA's development.

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