After seeing the preview of the next episode of The Attack of the Giants 4, we report that this cosplay focuses on a character that was known throughout the new episodes and that was recreated with Bodypaint technique.

At the bottom of the news you can find the post that @jojorassan, Brazilian cosplayer and make-up artist who wanted to give life, shared on Instagram Character of the giant hammer. As you know, the Tybur family member tried to stop Eren and challenged him thanks to the powers of his giant, even though the clash between the two was brief. Although Willy's younger sister has appeared for a few episodes, she has the numerous fans ofWork by Hajime Isayama, especially thanks to the original design and capabilities of the giant. The cosplayer then recreated the features of the monster using the bodypaint technique and received over two thousand likes and more than 70 comments.

We remind you that the eighth episode of the anime produced by Studio Mappa will be available now on VVVVID and Prime Video Tuesday February 2nd, in Italian version with subtitles. As you could read in our review of the seventh episode of Attack of the Giants 4, the final part of the job is confirmed to be full of action and twists, while fans are excited to see how the adventures of Eren and the other characters are known on the pages of the manga.

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A contribution by β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Joana Rassan (@jojorassan)

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