With his Death reportLight Yagami killed many people, mostly criminals. However, the weapon Ryuk gave the boy caught the attention of Detective L, a mysterious boy who wants to capture Kira.

He thought about keeping this duo company Misa Amane, the first prominent female character featured in the Death Note manga. She is a blonde model and very famous among young girls. She reveals that she is also a Death Note owner, who this time was given to her by Shinigami Rem. She will also change the shinigami's eyes at the cost of half her life and try to help light yagami in every possible way.

Equipped with an incredible beauty that made her a model, Misa Amane received a cosplay from the Vietnamese Awai. In the photo below we can see the realization that Misa Misa brings to life. There is no lack of the death note she owns in the various photos, in addition to the colored lenses that give her red eyes that allow her to instantly get the name of the person watching.

You think it's one faithful reproduction of Misa Misa?

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A contribution by Hแป“i Thanh (ฮฑฯ‰ฮฑฮน) (@awai_ht)

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