Finally, in May 2022, the mangaka Masaoki Shindo was published in Weekly Shonen Jump. After more than five years in the ranks of companion magazines, short series and stand-alone chapters, the author had hit the mark with it RuriDragona series that convinced the magazine's editors to give it a shot.

The launch of RuriDragon was crowded, with millions of views for the first chapters, almost unique for a new author and in such a short time. However, the chapters on Weekly Shonen Jump have been shelved for some time as Masaoki Shindo has encountered health issues. A little-known situation, but one that forced Weekly Shonen Jump to indefinitely pause the series.

In fact, RuriDragon hasn't been released in months, with fans standing by. However, an innovation could come from the release of the first volume in the series. As the Shonen Jump News Twitter account pointed out, RuriDragon will be released under the Shonen Jump+ labela label reserved exclusively for titles created on the digital platform.

What does that mean? Normally, the manga published on Weekly Shonen Jump simply has the designation "Jump", without the + that only distinguishes the online platform. Therefore, it is possible that the manga will return shortly but will no longer be published in the print magazine: RuriDragon could be released on Shonen Jump+ to guarantee Masaoki Shindo more relaxed creation times and extended exits.

We still have to wait a few more weeks for the official status of this move and for the return of the series.

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