ONE PIECE is one of the most famous anime in the world and it also remains one of the most watched in Italy. For years we have been experiencing the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, called Rubber in the historical Italian dubbing, together with his crew, who are in search of the historical One Piece treasure. However, where it is possible to legally see A PIECE?

The first alternative available is the historical one, namely television. ONE PIECE has always been an anime show on Mediaset networks and consequently we have to wait for the network to propose reruns with the episodes of ONE PIECE dubbed in Italian 1, Italy 2 or other channels in Italian. Although, as is well known, there are currently no plans to continue the synchronization that was stopped on the Fish Men Island Saga, since the synchronization house was closed by Merak.

The alternative is of course streaming: the portal Crunchyrollwhich has been gaining in importance for some time and has a large catalog suitable for all tastes began its journey into the Italian world of ONE PIECE with the proposal of the Wano saga with Italian subtitles. At the same time, he began bringing the previous seasons of the anime into subtitle versions as well. The sagas East Blue, Alabasta and Skypea are currently available on Crunchyroll and cover the first 206 episodes. Undoubtedly the portal will continue to deal with ONE PIECE until all episodes for Italy are available.

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