The beginning of Boruto: Naruto the next generations, sequel to the better known Naruto, was very awkward. Naruto's son faces an opponent he seems to know very well, a certain Kawaki. However, after the first few pages you go back years and Kawaki disappears for a while. Only then does it become part of the plot.

Slowly but steadily, Kawaki is playing a prominent role in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. The young ninja, who only knows how to use karma, gets involved Skirmish between Konoha and Kara, the organization chaired by Jigen, who wanted to use the boy as the new Otsutsuki ship. Not much time has passed so the young man is still thirteen, just like his partner and rival Boruto.

but what Kawaki would be like as an adult? Illustrator Norridzuan, who has suggested growing himawari in the past, has made a video showing the growth of kawaki at some stages of its life. After young Kawaki, there's what you see in the first chapter of Boruto. But then things change, so here's Kawaki at 30 and Kawaki at 50. If he has very short blond hair in the first, he's practically become a monk in the second.

Do you like this imaginary growth for the character?

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