Volume 27 of the head, dedicated to the already famous symbiote of American comics, showed the arrival of Eddie Brock, Poison and his son Dylan in a new dimension to escape villain Virus after meeting the brilliant The Maker, an alternate version of Reed Richards, that is to say, Mr. Fantastic.

While they're trying to find out where they are Eddie and Dylan are attacked by virus again who followed them on this interdimensional journey. It only takes a few lines and a few boards before readers are shocked by the appearance of a very famous team in the world of Marvel Comics.

The two protagonists are embroiled in a direct confrontation with Virus, and suddenly we see them arrive on the battlefield a character very similar to Captain America, with a specific symbol in the middle of the costume. The symbol of poison. This is how this extravagant story introduces us Avengers symbiots.

Virus, feeling hindered by Cat, decides to attack the Avenger and then take action against all other members of the team who are it in this reinterpretation You Hulk, Black Panter, Thor and Iron Man. Although Virus has the anti-symbiotic suit available as easily predictable, unable to withstand the clash with the Avengers, he decides to focus all his might on a cannon shot that dissolves Cap's face below are some tables of the battle.

Cap's face comes together with a dangerous grin and he claims that the symbol on his chest is not just an homage, it's hers They actually came into contact with symbiotes. What do you think of this surprising development in Venom history? Would you like to see that kind of Avengers in the other series? Let us know with a comment below.

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