Now over a year ago, the controversy broke out over the ufotable studio, the same one behind the anime by Demon Hunter, because of a tax evasion perpetuated by the president of the company Hikaru Kondo. The allegations turned out to be true, and the studio founder's admission could have serious consequences.

Last September it was confirmed that ufotable had evaded taxes amounting to 138 million yen, around 1 million euros, as well as hidden income from cafes and merchandising of over 3.4 million euros. The final verdict is expected on December 10th with a risk to the president, Hikaru Kondo, with a full 20 months' imprisonment.

But the company will also have to pay damages for tax evasion if the judgment confirms expectations, with the company having to repay the stolen amount in full to the state and make a payment heavy fine of over 44 million yen (approx. 303 thousand euros). Kondo had justified his actions by apologizing to the company as "convinced that it would not cause any problems for ufotable".

In any case, the matter seems to be finally settled and the final answer will be given next month. On the other hand, what do you think of this whole thing? Let us know with a comment below.

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