Sailor Moon is a real institution. Naoko Takeuchi hit the mark in the 90s with this story dedicated to girls, which completely changed the vision of the target audience in those years, focusing not only on love but also on action. For this reason, it is one of the manga that is suitable for a wider audience.

It is therefore no coincidence that there was an attempt in the USA to create an American Sailor Moon series, but it failed in a short time. But Japanese history is still soaring, thanks to the recent remake that aims to faithfully adapt all of Naoko Takeuchi's work. The mangaka has greenlit the project, which will culminate in the Sailor Moon Cosmos film series. last act for the warrior-sailor.

the Sailor Moon Cosmos trailer proposed in Japan via the film's official channel, the dance begins. Usagi has to contend with three characters: Taiki Ko, Seiya Ko and Yaten Ko, three proud and determined girls who are introduced in the video available above. the three Sailor Starlights They are officially presented to the public as the protagonist's schoolmates and then as warriors who will quickly reveal the power they are endowed with.

the The first Sailor Moon Cosmos film will premiere in Japan on June 9th, followed by a second part that will arrive a few weeks later on June 30th. There's no news for an international screening, although Netflix has always kept an eye on the franchise, bringing fans the latest news as soon as possible, like they did with Sailor Moon Crystal and Sailor Moon Eternal.

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