In recent years, the Japanese animation industry has grown rapidly, and although cases of inhumane and underpaid shifts have occurred, animators play an important role in the creative and production process of the series. To promote this profession is the Toei animation he therefore decided to open his own academy.

The project in question, called Toei Animation Drawing Academy, is about attracting the interest of many young and talented artists who may have trouble breaking into the industry. Structured around a clearly defined program, short-lived, but requires commitment and a lot of practicethe initiative aims to train the animators who hold the future of the industry in their hands.

there Toei Animation Drawing Academy will open its doors in April 2023, and overseeing the training of those who wish to join, will be some of the studio's key animators, whose names have not yet been announced. Among the additional information revealed by Toei Animation himself, it's clear how The studio wants to ensure a bright future for the entire industry, which also prepares many animators for the new technologies that are increasingly being used. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, we'll let you find out if the story of one of the next movies produced by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will connect to Dragon Ball Super.

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