The anime market is making its own way on Chinese soil. The Japanese animation industry broke through many cultures and the rise of the Chinese donghuaanimations produced in China is a testament to that.

A Chinese animated series by Studio Paper Plane, LAN Studio, PB Animation and BCool Studio has been announced on Twitter with surprising trailers: be hero X.

To Be Hero X tells the story of unclea charming toilet designer who gets superpowers from the Heroes Committee of the Republic Alliance for Space Peace, to become a hero. in the To Be Hero X a Battle Royale will define the title of X's strongest and most popular hero in a world where anyone can become a hero.

The trailer was praised for its strong aesthetic-stylistic impact. Given the mix of 2D/3D animation styles, comparisons to the acclaimed Netflix animated series based on the franchise were obviously not lacking revolt, which you can learn more about in our Arcane review. In fact, there is an increasingly widespread tendency to combine classic two-dimensional animation with 3D techniques, as we can see for example in chainsaw man by Studio MAPPA.

What does this new animated product look like? waiting for more To Be Hero X news, You could enter the Donghua world by reading our article on Heaven Official Blessing.

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