It cannot be said that Marvel has been unwilling to make sensational changes to its most famous heroes lately, and an excellent example can be seen in Avengers # 42, a volume that recounts the origins of Thor are completely upset.

In Avengers Volume 42, most of the Avengers get involved in the battle to decide who will be the next host of the Force of the Phoenix. Captain America, Namor, Luke Cage and Black Panther must fight stuck in the phoenixwhile other heroes try to overthrow the powerful cosmic entity from outside.

However, an attack on the Phoenix Force Thor realizes this There is something that worries himalthough he still doesn't know exactly why. ""Is it your story with my father that bothers me so much?"thinks the god of thunder to himself."No. Almost everyone in existence has a difficult history with my father. There is something else. My connection to the Phoenix Force. It almost seems ... like a form of love".

But at this point Thor is interrupted by the words of the Phoenix takes on its human form. ""That's enough. I don't want to fight today. Especially with you, god of thunder. It is time for you to learn the truth of your own existence, the secret your father Odin has been hiding from you for centuries. I came to tell you everything, my son".

Apparently Thor is therefore the fruit of Relationship between Odin and Phoenix. A sensational twist on the origins of one of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comics comics. The power of Mjolnir triggers a confrontation between Thor and an avenger. Alter ego Donald Blake will make his comeback in Thor.

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