The fans of ONE PIECE for the next issue of Eiichiro Odas Manga. 2020 officially ended with Chapter 999 published in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine in Japan today. The next issue will be published on instead January 4th, 2021, on which there will be EIN STÜCK 1000. The hype has now skyrocketed.

But in the network, as usual in the Christmas week, some leaks are already starting to leak. Not even ONE PIECE 1000 is immune to spoilers, and in the last few minutes an important element of the chapter has been confirmed.

The element in question is that Title of EIN STÜCK number 1000 that the first spoilers have confirmed with multiple sources. The next issue is therefore entitled "Luffy straw hat"and it is a title that already stimulates the imagination to a thousand as it makes it clear that everything will be focused on our beloved protagonist.

In addition, the various sources confirm that the next edition of ONE PIECE, Chapter 1001, will be published regularly in mid-January and that there will be no breaks other than those already foreseen in the Weekly Shonen Jump calendar for Christmas and the New Year are. . Who knows what else will be in ONE PIECE 1000.

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