The Quintessential Quintuplets 2: A new trailer confirms romcom’s release month

A few moments ago, the official website of The quintessence of the quintuplets Surprisingly, a new teaser trailer has been released for the second season of the anime, which shows an important throwback to the past of the protagonist Futaro Uesugi. The clip also confirms the release month of the second season January 2021.

The first season of The Quintessential Quintuplets aired in the winter of 2019 and implemented the events in the first 32 chapters of the manga. The second season was scheduled to air in October 2020, but the health emergency forced the producers to postpone it until January.

It is currently unclear whether the new episodes will adapt another 30 chapters or whether the guys from Bibury animation You will opt for some cuts to get the result in less time. The manga ended last February with the release of Chapter 122 and was given the very high risk of spoilers and the possible decline in interest We will barely see four seasons of the anime series.

In all cases, the studio has also released a key visual that is visible at the end of the article. The picture shows the five twins among whom the lucky winner of Futaro's heart is hiding.

And what do you think you will see season 2? Let us know with a comment! However, if you are a fan of the work, you can while away the time by watching the great cosplay of the twins of the famous Enako.

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