Everything seems to be moving towards the end. After an introductory first season, in which we saw Emma, ​​Ray and other children flee from Grace Field, the second season of The Promised Neverland raced towards the finale and surprised the audience. Between the individual cuts, the adjustment turned out to be completely different than with the manga.

Now we've already entered the final phase of the anime. The voice actor of Peter Ratri, the final enemy of The Promised Neverland, was revealed a few hours ago, but in the meantime we have to check out another five episodes before the finale. Emma and Ray finally met Norman again, believed dead, with the boy who has a genocidal plot in mind.

Together with the quartet of followers he found in Lambda, Norman wants to exterminate all demons and create a new world in which cattle children can live in freedom. The Promised Neverland 2x07 has just arrived at VVVVID continues to emphasize this level, but it will also show us what Norman's intentions are towards Mujika and Sonju, two demons who do not recede even if they do not eat human flesh.

The Norman's plan continues In light of these revelations, or will it have changed, as in Emma's wishes? And how much will The Promised Neverland 2's newest enemies come into play?

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