With the manga and anime that have now conquered a large audience, the quality of fan art and cosplay or other themed creations has increased significantly over the years. The phenomenon is particularly driven by the most famous titles, among which there are also The attack of the giants.

Chapter 131 of The Giants Attack will be released shortly, but this could also be one of the last: As revealed a few months ago, Hajime Isayama confirms that we are nearing the end of the manga and that this is now ending from the moment to the end could others.

With a view to the next and last chapter, fans are already preparing some greetings, some in one way and others in the other. In particular, the implementation of Envie P1 has gone viral in the past few days. The fan and conceptual artist on Twitter has released one of his fan artworks that almost looks like a painting, how well it is done. Retracting the temporal journey of Eren and ZekeThe designer focuses on the now lost childhood of the protagonist trio of The Attack of the Giants when they were still able to play carefree in the streets of Shiganshina.

Eren and Zeke adults They watch the scene as they climb the stairs with a sad and resigned look, which they both want to continue. What do you think of this design?

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