Episode 9 of Attack of the Giants 4 debuted in Japan a few hours ago and like every week MAP thanked the fans for their support with two beautiful illustrations. The first is a color portrait of Captain Levi by Art Director Wei Quing Wang, while the second is the original design by Yelenas Design.

Episode 9 of Attack of the Giants 4 officially starts at halftimewhen the first half of last season ended with the spectacular episode 8 entitled "Killer Bullet". The second half begins with the implementation of "Volunteer Soldiers", the last chapter of Volume 26 of the Isayama manga, while the next two episodes - "Right Reasoning" and "Imposter" - will complete the adaptation of Volume 27.

The fourth season of The Attack of the Giants ends with the airing of the sixteenth episode, which is scheduled for Sunday, March 28 in Japan and for the 30th of the same month in Italy. We remind you that the anime will continue to be simulated by VVVVID and Prime Videoevery Tuesday from 9:00 a.m.

And what do you think of these sketches? You like them? Let us know with a comment! To better prepare for the new episode, we recommend taking a look at our review of Episode 8 of The Attack of the Giants 4.

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