The Wano saga changed the world of ONE PIECE sanctioned the beginning of the dominance of the new generation of pirates. The alliance between the crew of Luffy, Kidd and Law ended Kaido's and Big Mom's hegemony. Now the sea is being traversed by four new Emperors.

In ONE PIECE 1053 the new emperors are proclaimed. L'The only one to take his position among the original Yonkos is Shanks. Marshall D. Teach had wrested the title of Emperor from the events leading up to Whitebeard's death at Marineford. The liberation of Wano and the Capital of Flowers has instead allowed Luffy to achieve this great goal. Incredibly, the last one named Yonko wasn't one of Kidd and Law, who defeated Big Mom together. The title of Emperor rests in Buggy's hands. In fact, he was mistaken for the leader of the Cross Guild, the association that also includes ex-Fleet of Seven members Mihawks and Crocodile.

Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy and Buggy are the four faces on the cover of ONE PIECE Volume 105, of which a low-quality preview was shared. The next tankobon of Eiichiro Oda's manga series will arrive in Japan on March 3, 2023, but fans have already learned some details about ONE PIECE Vol. 103

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