Recently the anime feature film Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto-Memory Doll, available for some time on the Netflix catalog, first aired on Japanese television. To celebrate the occasion, Kyoto Animation Studio released an update that highlights some of the most critical stages in production.

As shown by Kyoto animation, something that may seem very simple to our eyes, like a hairstyle, may require Hours and hours of complex and hard work. And according to the employees, hair and hairstyles are one of the most critical phases of Violet Evergarden's production.

In Violet Evergarden use the protagonists very complex hairstyles. To make the hair as lifelike as possible, Kyoto used special ways to tie it according to the real world. The costumes of the characters also required a thorough study; the study actually deepened the wardrobe of each individual protagonist.

Obviously the locations required intensive study phases, inspired by real landscapes. Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll is set in Germany and the locks are based on art panels recreated by the employees. Previously it was said that the locations were inspired by places like Nuremberg and Mannheim.

Finally, the Kyoto Animation update closed, which shows the production process of a short fragment in which Isabella York's hairstyle is remade to once again underline how superbly the hair has been done. All The scene was hand painted, and the clip shows the production steps: from the storyboard to the original image, then the moving image to painting and photography.

We remind you that Violet Evergarden was recently praised by the master Hideo Kojima. Finally, we leave you to a beautiful Violet Evergarden Cosplay between the cherry blossoms.

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