The father of Mobile Suit Gundam, a well-known robot anime whose franchise continues to this day, is Yoshiyuki Tomino. Known for his commitment to mecha souls, he has also made various statements against other projects over the years. We remember the criticism of The Attack of the Giants in recent years.

Recently, however, he also criticized Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and called his success a "coincidence". With an interview in the last few hours, Yoshiyuki Tomino returned to the topic and again did not hold back to make other vitriolic statements about different souls.

On the special show that was televised in Japan in the past few hours, Tomino said: "I will destroy the demon slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, I will destroy the Evangelion"His sentences inevitably became an instant trend in Japan, but also in the rest of the world, bouncing off various portals, including Uemura Noel's Twitter account. Given that, however, we need to contextualize these sentences Tomino specifically spoke of a way to motivate yourself and continue to give the best with their products. By targeting the giants of the contemporary sector, he can always stay up to date and do his best.

The excerpt is available below, where Tomino can be seen in his studio with the poster of Mobile Suit Gundam Hathway. In any case, Tomino seems to be very busy with his work on the next projects regarding Mobile Suit Gundam.

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