Simultaneously with the publication of the second season of the television seriesPanini Comics announced that all six volumes of The young, the famous work penned by Garth Ennis, is now available in an unprecedented digital version. Below you can read the press release that the publisher sent us a few moments ago.

"TO Beginning September 4, to simultaneously celebrate the release of the second season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, Panini Comics presents the 6 deluxe volumes of the series in a brand new digital version, perfect for quick and easy reading to take with you wherever you go.

In addition, from September 4th to 14th, the first two volumes, The Boys Deluxe 1 and The Boys Deluxe 2, will be available digitally at a reduced price of € 9.99. The six digital volumes can be downloaded from major digital stores (Amazon, Apple Store, Google Play, Kobo and many more). An unmissable opportunity for all fans of the series to discover the comic from which it all comes, and for readers who have already had the opportunity to continue reading the volumes from the comfort of their favorite device".

For the less familiar, we remind you that the summary of the work of Panini Comics is described as follows: "What to do when superheroes overcome all limits, including those of morality? The Boys is the story of an unlikely group of "powerless" superheroes ready to bring back those who abuse their status as masked executioners. Under the auspices of the government, Butcher and his ruthless group (made up of Breastmilk, the French, Woman of the Species, and new recruit Little Hughie) stand ready to expose the crimes of those who should fight crime ... even by doing the "good." "for the other world".

The Boys officially ended with the release of Chapter 72 twelve years ago, but Gareth Ennis recently returned to work with a sequel called The Boys: Dear Becky. We remind you that the final edition proposed by Panini Comics contains the first 72 chapters, divided into 6 volumes of 300/500 pages each.

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