The attack of the giants For a long time he told us the story of Eren, a boy who was imprisoned by walls built to prevent the advance of man-eating creatures called giants. These creatures have long been the engine of the series, the enemy to beat, but that eventually changed.

Enemies went from monsters to humans. After the time jump from The Attack of the Giants, we have indeed knew the real enemies of Eren and Companions, those characters who respond to the Marley Empire. As the power of the giants gradually weakened, Eren made the decision to slaughter someone outside of Paradise Island, his home.

After gaining the power of the parent giant, Eren advanced his colossal giants to the point of wiping out innocent victims on the continent. What others have long dreamed of about her turns into a nightmare and the fan OMARVIN decided to share the desperation of these scenes on Twitter.

Eren, depicted childishly, is at the center of a scene in which the devastation caused by the colossal giants is evident and terrible. All done with a black and white design that does nothing but fuel the horror and desolation of this scene. Are the powerful images of the last chapter in Attack of the Giants 132 repeated?

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