The attack of the giants waiting for its conclusion on the animated front since the manga of the same name and original by Hajime Isayama ended a few months ago. However, the success of the work continues to prompt many companies to invest in the franchise with concrete proposals.

The Sensei recently attended an event in New York where he revealed some background on the giant attack. In addition, during the congress, the author spoke about the future and revealed about it currently have no plans to start a new manga. Even Isayama he takes a well-deserved break, otherwise he takes care of the official merchandising, which has recently been enriched with a new offer.

It is a new watch line in collaboration with MSTR watches culminating in 4 special models seen at the bottom of the news, reproducing the colossal giant, the assault giant, the female giant and the armored giant in various guises. The company announces that it has produced a limited number of watches of 150 units, numbered accordingly.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of the new invention born from the collaboration between L'Attacco dei Giganti and MSTR Watches, which version do you like best? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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