Finally here we are. The wait was very long after that very first teaser popped up at the end of The Attack of the Giants 3 last year. Now the time has finally come to see the first one official trailer of The Attack of the Giants 4 complete with key visuals and new information on the study that will deal with it.

A boy observes the battlefield while an eagle hovering over a flood of lifeless bodies and battered ground. Thus the two minutes of video of the Attack on Titan 4 trailer which introduces us to a completely changed world after the final events of season 3. Continuing with the trailer we are introduced to all the new scenarios, many of which are spoilers and presented repeatedly, also showing the animation choices of the MAPPA studio.

Just MAPPA will replace WIT Studio in the production of The Attack of the Giants 4. So some rumors were founded that they wanted a change of animators behind the scenes. As is also clear from the video credits, the music will no longer be composed of only Hiroyuki Sawano who will be accompanied by Kohta Yamamoto.

At the same time, the new posters that you can see at the bottom have also been revealed: unlike the previous ones, this time to observe the scenario of destruction from below is Reiner while Eren stands enraged on the surrounding buildings. This pairs up with the first banner of The Attack of the Giants 4 released a little while ago, while on the program there is also the summary film The Attack of the Giants Chronicle.

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