The Studio Ghibli it has been active for tens of years and in the course of its immense production it has made over twenty films. Also at this moment the studio that was founded by Miyazaki and Takahata is working to bring its magic to the public.

While How do You Live is in production, Studio Ghibli has announced Earwig and the Witch, which will arrive at the end of 2020. But these days we have not only talked about the future, but also about the past thanks to the memoirs of Steve Alpert, a prominent figure in the Ghibli studio and who for years has dealt with the international distribution of films.

Few people know that despite the rivalry in the world of animation, Studio Ghibli and Disney formed a partnership decades ago. The Mickey Mouse company in fact bought the rights to distribute the studio's films in the United States of America and, at the signing of the contract, there was a particular clause: for no reason the films of Studio Ghibli had to be modified.

However, Alpert revealed that Disney did not keep its part of the deal modifying the dubbed version of Kiki - Home Delivery. The 1998 film saw the addition of music and sounds as well as some dialogues that altered the film, going against the clause. Alpert notified a Disney executive who said he was in the dark about the matter, with the American producer of Kiki who later received "a kind of verbal lashes that would make a man cry too."

Surely Disney has learned its lesson and paid more attention to the works of Studio Ghibli from that moment on. Over the years, Miyazaki's company has become so large and famous that it can afford to open Studio Ghibli Park.

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