That second course of Spy x Family comes to an end. Before saying goodbye, the Forger family is faced with an incredible new thing. Operation Strix is ​​in jeopardy. Yor is unsure of her qualities as a wife and mother and believes Loid is trying to dissuade her from her role.

Waiting for more Spy x Family Season 2 news thatAnime by WIT Studio and CloverWorks arrives on Crunchyroll with the 24th episode. Fiona Frost's debut and her closeness to Loid make Yor more and more insecure. The woman of the forger house believes that she is neither a good mother nor a good wife and she is afraid that her husband will decide to continue the life of the Forger household with Fiona taking his place.

In Spy x Family 1x24, when Loid realizes something is wrong with Yor, he invites her over for a drink. However, drunk at the first glass Yor gets drunk and loses his mind, spit everything on the head. After being knocked unconscious, Loid finally manages to resolve the matter by convincing Yor of his very important role.

The second part of the episode is all about themFriendship between Anya and Becky. Little Blackbell is convinced that Anya is in love with Damian and tries in any way she can to help her win him over by suggesting new outfits for her. So they go to a mall to shop together. Finally, the only purchase will be two keychains that will consecrate the friendship between the two girls.

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