Managing a profile with hundreds of thousands of followers and manga hungry fans is far from easy, especially for managing Shonen Jump. Dozens of enthusiasts who daily flood the company’s channels with gruesome and violent comments on certain works. But what happens when you run out of patience?

Weekly Shonen Jump is going through a period of renewal in the search for new flags that can increase the magazine’s sales and popularity, especially among a thin generation of titles that are highly valued by the public. Indeed, it is no coincidence that last September the company’s official profile broke its inhibitions Hit this piece of aggressive fans regarding the magazine and the manga serialized in it:

“I don’t know what’s worse among angry little fans who call everything ‘junk’ and ‘trash’, or internet dwellers who like to write ‘mediocre’ everywhere. Hating popular things doesn’t make you smarter. Somewhat more positive be. Onegaiii (please)! “

A truthful comment that you can find under the attachments, among other things. An attitude, probably from a single employee, against this group of enthusiasts who are always ready to judge negatively. Before we say goodbye, we’d like to remind you that the latest data from Weekly Shonen Jump recently confirmed a new audience trend.

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