Over the past year, there has been increased interest from companies around the world to get more interested in video game brands in order to turn them into a television project. Crunchyroll has proven to be a leader in this process and has launched an extensive advertising campaign that culminated in the night Shenmue the animation.

Almost a year after the third Shenmue saga debuted, the latest attempt by Yu Suzuki, What we have also analyzed in our detailed special is ready to be renewed again through the animation format. The project was born from a collaboration between Crunchyroll and Adult Swin and will consist of 13 episodes covering the topic wonderful adventure by Ryo Hazuki.

The anime is directed by nothing but Chikara Sakurai, a face known for its recent direction One Punch Man 2, while the studio responsible for the production is Telecommunication animation film (Dr. Stone). Yu Suzuki himself was involved in the project as he will take care of the executive producer role. However, Crunchyroll confirmed to Polygon.com that the narrative evolution has not yet been fully outlined, which is why the anime is still lacking a debut date. Either way, you can watch the new series on the news via the billboard below.

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