A leak from China via the social network Weibo assured that the Yuu shimizu and illustrated by Asagi Toosaka, Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai (The Excalibur Academy's demon swordmaster), will have an anime adaptation. The leak has not been confirmed, but the franchise has a "Important announcementβ€œScheduled for October 21 in Japan.

Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai

Shimizu and Toosaka began to publish the light novels through the publisher Kadokawa in May 2019. The publisher published the seventh volume on May 25th, followed by the eighth volume on October 25th in Japan. A manga adaptation by Asuka Keigen was published in the magazine Monthly Shonen ace from the publisher Kadokawa since November 2019.

Summary of Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai

In the fantasy story, the Demon King Leonis locked himself in for 1,000 years in preparation for the final battle, but when he woke up he found himself in the body of a ten-year-old boy. A beautiful young woman named Lisellia from the Academy of the Holy Sword then said to him, β€œWhy were you locked in such a place? Now it's okay, this older sister will take care of you! ”Under Lisellia's care, Leonis is shocked to discover that the world has completely changed. Confused and confused, Leonis finds himself in the Academy of the Holy Sword.

Source: Official Twitter account

Β© εΏ— η‘žη₯ (θ‘—), 遠 坂 あ さ ぎ (γ‚€ ラ γ‚Ή γƒˆ) / KADOKAWA

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