There's still a long way to go before the end, but someone is already imagining theories about the ending of ONE PIECE involving time travel, clones, secret islands, and more. What is concrete, however, is what is happening on Egghead, the island where the brilliant Vegapunk scientistsuddenly found himself under attack from the world government.

Given the situation Vegapunk couldn't find better allies than the protagonists of ONE PIECE, always ready to help and accommodate both the scientist and his satellites on the ship. Recently, however, the Stussy clone has also joined the escape journey, a surprise given the situation of the last few chapters. Surely the protagonists will escape, but first there are some situations to solve.

ONE PIECE 1074 will make the long-awaited escape? Definitely not: Eiichiro Oda's times are always longer than you think, not to mention that some unanswered questions remain. First of all, we must understand what happened to Vegapunk: the scientist has finally disappeared after the narrative description of the chapter, and Bonney could play a central role in all of this. The woman was the only one who knew where she was, and she doesn't seem to have been found either. This means they are dating and therefore the plan is skipped entirely. The Mugiwara will continue to search for the doctor, wasting valuable time while the Navy closes in. The presence of Kizaru and one of the Five Stars of Wisdom before Egghead puts everyone in grave danger.

Oda's manga will then pause for a week ONE PIECE 1074 will be released on Manga Plus on February 12th.

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