Reinforcements for Deku and the other heroes made themselves felt immediately. The arrival of two ex-criminals saved the day on the flying platform, but another surprising intrusion took place recently My Hero Academy, powered by the ability and power of Hitoshi Shinso's Quirk. Everything seems to be fine now.

The strength of Gigantomachia will be decisive include all for one, with the giant fighting alongside the heroes, and especially Tokoyami and Mount Lady, with these two working hard to attack the super villain head-on. But the whole world of My Hero Academia is watching the scene, thanks to the cameras of some reporters who rushed to the scene out of contempt for the danger, also making up for the words and the nature of the stories told in the days leading up to the beginning the final war between heroes and villains.

And now the world is watching Gentle's channel, maybe with that to arouse public opinion in My Hero Academia 385. Japan is visible to all, including other countries, with several cartoons featuring important characters from the US and beyond. Other countries are unlikely to intervene, so Japan and its heroes must believe they can do it alone. Indeed, given the immediacy of the battle, there would be no time to see the arrival of reinforcements from overseas. As a result, everything revolves around three main themes: All for One vs the Heroes, Uraraka VS Toga, and finally Deku VS Shigaraki. What will the scenario be?

My Hero Academia 385 will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday April 9th, 2023.

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