The crisis deepens: the heroes, who are gradually losing some of their most important pawns, must deal with the loss of Kurogiri. Released by Spinner, the black cloud that can teleport anyone ejects all protagonists My hero academy.

This forced Endeavor to face Dabi, freeing Shigaraki from the power of Monoma and Eraserhead, but most importantly a continuous fight against an army of Twice created by the power of Himiko Toga. And that's not all, because on the different battlefields the heroes can't even communicate properly due to the abilities of Skeptic, the former officer of the paranormal liberation front led by Ri-Destro, who is now in the service of All for One. In the ending of My Hero Academia 377, however, that's how it is A new heroine has appeared who can end this situation.

In My Hero Academia 378, it's La Brava's turn, the young hacker who kept Gentle company in his misdeeds. The girl knows how to use computers, so in a very short chapter she is back to help the heroes. It probably won't be a very long fight between the two and the next chapter might just be about that. The IT challenge is essential to reopen communications on the battlefield and thus allow the exchange of information between heroes who can thus try to better manage the counter-offensive.

My Hero Academia 378 will be released on January 22, 2023 on MangaPlus.

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