Re: Zero: the traumatic return of season two

It took years, but finally the second season of Re: Zero - Start life in another world She is back. After the fans had to wait all the time, the return was certainly not the most delicate and triggered a series of more or less positive reactions on social media.

As always, the episode begins with Subaru and Emilia. Things seem calm to the characters of Rem and Ram, but calm and peace are destroyed by the appearance of two villains. The enemies, who seem to represent the sins themselves, challenge Rem in a battle in which she almost sees herself die. Rem will end in a coma, but that's not the worst.

Indeed, Subaru, as seen shortly thereafter, tries to use the power that Satella gave him Return from death to save Rem, but it doesn't seem to be able to. The disappointment of not being able to bring one of his loved ones back to life makes Subaru as angry as the audience, since Rem is now forgotten by everyone except Subaru himself.

The reactions of the fans to these scenes were varied, and at the bottom of the page we decided to report only a few. All fans said they were sad and moved, while some pointed out how continuous repetition of events that have been seen in the past just make it a huge and boring clichΓ©.

Recall that the episode in question is available on Crunchyroll and that the same anime producer recently commented on the narrative implications of season two.

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